At our Terra Alta Bistro, we serve delicious tapas to accompany our wines. These are small plates that pair perfectly with our Spanish varietals. With delicious food and high-quality wine, a visit to our wine bar / bistro is sure to be a memorable experience.

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Sunday Breakfast


Quiche Lorraine $13.00



Wine Cocktails $12.00


Mimosa $10.00


Daily Tapas


Basket of Bread with Olive Oil $9.00


Pita Chips with House Hummus $10.00


Goat Queso Blanco $14.50


Charcuterie Board - Full $30.00


Charcuterie Board - Half $18.00


Vegetarian Board $18.00


Meatball & Mushroom $16.00


Seared Crab Cakes $20.00


Chicken Salad $16.00


Mediterranean Flatbread $16.00


Napolitano Flatbread $16.00


House Special Salad $15.00


Soup $10.00


Chicken Salad Crossant Sandwich

The Origin of Tapas

Tapas are types of traditional Spanish appetizers or "small plates." It is believed that the name originated when sherry drinkers in taverns used to cover their glasses with small slices of bread topped with meat. This was both a practical measure to prevent fruit flies from hovering around the drink and a way to increase thirst and enhance the drinking experience with a salty bite. The Spanish word for cover is "tapa" and this word continues to be used to describe the small dishes that we still enjoy today.

Delicious Tapas in Tucson

Wilhelm Family Vineyards produces award-winning Spanish wines and at our Terra Alta Bistro n Tucson, you can enjoy these wines with delicious tapas pairings. This creates an ideal tasting experience that you can enjoy on a romantic date, with your friends, or for any other occasion.

Visit our tasting room and try our tapas today.
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