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Wine Cruise
 Vineyard     October 2, 2014  
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Alaskan Cruise
   - Winemakers Cruise
       (Jun 2015!!)

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Open Fri, Sat & Sun 11am-5pm
Groupon 11am-4pm Only

Wine Pairing Dinner w/Adam Puckle [more]
28 Sep 2014 (Saturday)
Sonoita Cafe, Sonoita, AZ


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   We currently have five acres designated for vineyards on our property.  We originally planted many varietals that did not fit the micro climate that exists on our plot of land.  Although it has a nice southerly facing slope, we thought the cold air drainage would be adequate with the falling eastern terrain.  After several years of data points, we identified the need to change some of our varietals to cope with the late spring frosts and early fall frosts. Read more about our vineyard by using the navigation on the left.

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